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Permits In No Time


DOT Permits in New York City

Permits In No Time provides DOT permits and Approvals in New York City, which include but not limited to:

  • Full Roadway Closures
  • Holiday Embargo Waivers
  • Capital Project Permitting for DDC, MTA, DOT & SCA
  • Logistics setup & Permitting for New Buildings 
  • Builders Pavement Plan Permits for sidewalks, curbs and Roadways
  • Concrete Pumping Operations
  • Boom Truck Deliveries
  • Vault Repair or Construction
  • Parking Regulation Changes
  • Sidewalk Lien Removals
  • Violation Review 
  • Hotel & Truck Loading Zone Approvals
  • Window Washing for Maintenance Contracts
  • Pedestrian Ramp Permitting for ADA Compliance 
  • Bus Stop Relocations & Removals